Die Eawag ist ein weltweit führendes Wasserforschungsinstitut. Ihre Stärke und ihr Erfolg basieren auf der seit langem gepflegten Verknüpfung von Forschung, Lehre & Weiterbildung sowie Beratung & Wissenstransfer.

Eawag Dübendorf, ZH, Switzerland
Full time
We are seeking an excellent scientist with a strong track record and a clear vision in geochemistry of surface waters, who will independently lead a research group. The position is associated to the Inorganic Environmental Geochemistry (IEG) group led by Prof. Lenny Winkel (Eawag, Department of Water Resources and Drinking Water (W+T) & ETH Zurich). Within Eawag, we are working closely together to solve environmental problems which is facilitated by our multi-disciplinarity. It is expected that the new group leader embrace this collaborative approach. Research questions could focus on large-scale dynamics, such as characterizing the origin of organic and inorganic compounds and predicting their transfer from catchments to rivers, lakes and coastal waters, as well as understanding and predicting the dynamics and effects of these chemicals within the receiving water bodies. The emphasis could be on developing experimental approaches, including sensor networks, for analysing...