Die Eawag ist ein weltweit führendes Wasserforschungsinstitut. Ihre Stärke und ihr Erfolg basieren auf der seit langem gepflegten Verknüpfung von Forschung, Lehre & Weiterbildung sowie Beratung & Wissenstransfer.

Eawag Dübendorf, ZH, Switzerland
Full time
We seek   a highly motivated and qualified individual to work on a project on the discovery and characterization of metagenomic hydrolytic enzymes involved in pollutant biodegradation. This research builds on an ongoing, large-scale study on pollution-induced community tolerance in stream biofilms. The overall scope of the project offering this position includes the identification and characterization of candidate pollutant-degrading hydrolases from stream biofilms using a combination of metagenome mining, synthetic biology, and machine learning techniques. Specifically, the research assistant will be involved in the development and optimization of a whole-cell assay for high-throughput enzyme activity screening. The candidate will further be involved in cloning, heterologous enzyme production, and functional characterization. This research will contribute to an improved understanding of biodegradation of pharmaceuticals, artificial sweeteners, and insecticides to improve water...