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In today’s harsh economic environment, IT departments are facing more and more challenges. Budgets are slashed, there is a lack of qualified staff, but nevertheless – urgently required projects still have to be delivered at short notice and within tight deadlines. This is where ITech Consult can offer you quick, highly targeted and cost-effective support, so you can make the most out of your budget. It was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Baar.

Full time
ITech Consult Zürich, ZH, Switzerland
DevOps Engineer Senior – Machine Learning 80%-100% – Security/   Data/Python/SQL/Linux Project/Role: We are looking for a DevOps Engineer Senior – Machine Learning for our customer in the financial sector in Zurich.   eBanking fraud, social engineering, phishing, malware - topics that we detect at a bank based in Zurich using AI models, machine learning and rule-based systems.   As a responsible bank, security and trust are of utmost importance.   To continue detecting anomalies and fraudulent patterns and preventing fraud, we are looking for an experienced developer to join DevOps team.   The agile teams are self-organized and accompany the applications throughout the entire product life cycle.   The ideal candidate is an experienced developer with prior knowledge of developing and evaluating data analysis tools.   A passion for a challenging mix of self-developed applications and the integration of artificial intelligence products is crucial.   If you...