Oneconsult has been your Swiss cybersecurity services partner since 2003 and operates independently of any particular products or manufacturers. We stand for the thorough identification and precise analysis of security deficiencies, the development of tailor-made preventive measures, and the situationally appropriate response to cyberattacks: for team-oriented, holistic, focused, and strong implementation, and for the highest quality of service. With our Red Teaming, Penetration Testing, Incident Response, Digital Forensics and Security Academy services, we specialise in the effective, preventive and reactive fight against cyberattacks. Whether you want to test your systems for security vulnerabilities, need help with a cyber incident or want to increase the security awareness of your employees, we support you in all cybersecurity topics. Together with our clients, we successfully combat cyberattacks. Organisations across all industries trust our know-how. In case of emergeny, our Oneconsult International Computer Security Incident Response Team (OCINT-CSIRT) is available around the clock (24 h x 365 days). Thousands of cyber insurance customers also rely on this. Oneconsult – Together against Cyberattacks
Full time
Oneconsult Bern, Switzerland or Munich, Germany
Level of employment:  80% – 100% Place of work:  Bern or Munich What's waiting for you You look for vulnerabilities and security gaps in systems, applications or infrastructures of companies in different industries, using offensive security techniques and tools. In most cases, the technical security audits are carried out using the OSSTMM method or follow the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard or other established test procedures. In regular communication with the customer, you ensure their cyber resilience. Depending on the project, you will carry out the tests together as a team or alone. The projects usually last 1 to 2 weeks, so you will probably complete 20 to 40 projects per year. Larger reviews can take several months and are usually completed as a team. Project teams are formed dynamically to optimally use your skills and promote the exchange of knowledge. In the first few...
Full time
Oneconsult Hybrid (Zürich, ZH, Switzerland)
Level of employment:   80 – 100% Place of work:   Zurich or Bern What's waiting for you In demanding projects, you test ICT infrastructures, applications, etc. using penetration tests, document the findings professionally and present them at management level.   In addition, you will take on red team tasks, from technical attack simulation to social engineering and any physical assessments.   You actively help to further develop our services and actively promote the exchange of knowledge (internal and external).   Depending on the size and complexity of the project, the assignments are carried out alone or in dynamically formed project teams and last from a few weeks to several months.   In the first few months of your employment, you will complete Oneconsult's internal training program individually in order to convey our professional and quality standards. You find vulnerabilities and security gaps in systems, applications or infrastructures of...