dotcom Ventures GmbH

For more than a decade we have been managing the online presence, communication and relationships of various companies and organizations. We work with multinationals, small and medium-sized companies, educational centers, NGOs, non-profit institutions and independent professionals. Big brands and small businesses trust us every day. We work in co-creation with our clients, taking advantage of their knowledge of the business, generating synergies and ensuring the preparation of a proposal aimed at enhancing their objectives, thus achieving high alignment, high quality and eliminating risks. We maximize the online performance of organizations by providing the following services: Strategic consulting: This service involves the design of the proposal that will transform your business for the digital world. Every area of ​​your organization can be involved, including commercial areas, customer service or operational areas, and our job is to help you reach the highest level of performance with technological solutions and innovative ideas applied to your business. Technological solutions: This service involves the design and development of content managers, electronic stores, mobile applications, custom system developments and the provision of technological tools aimed at supporting the key processes and functions of your organization. We help you integrate the power of new technologies with your existing systems to get the most performance possible. Digital marketing: This service involves the design and management of the digital strategy for demand generation and automation of marketing processes using various tools and tactics aimed at directly impacting sales. We expand your marketing capabilities by reducing costs and time by integrating with your CRM system to deliver valuable data to your sales force.