Embotech AG

Empowering Autonomous Systems to Make Better Decisions. Embotech is a leading provider of decision-making software for autonomous driving systems for private grounds and smart factories. The company’s embeddable software empowers autonomous systems to make decisions by solving complex optimization problems in milliseconds, bringing significant improvements in safety, productivity and energy efficiency. With its virtual driver software PRODRIVER, Embotech provides a L4 system capable of planning and executing highly complex and dynamic maneuvers, which makes it ideal for driving around dynamic obstacles, in tight spaces and mixed traffic. Applications include automated driving for passenger cars and commercial vehicles as well as industrial robotics automation. Our high-level tools enable application domain experts to use the power of optimization-based design in very demanding applications without having to worry about complex low-level implementation details. Our generic product FORCES PRO targets optimal control and estimation problems with high speed requirements. Its graphical design interface allows you to get started with optimal control in under 5 minutes. Simply import a model of your process, define your objectives and system limits, and press a button to obtain tailored high-performance code ready for deployment in your target embedded platform. It has never been easier to embed optimization-based controllers in your product. Our solvers represent the state-of-the-art in embedded optimization and can be several orders of magnitude faster than commercial general-purpose alternatives.