BlueCallom AG

BlueCallom empowers the world’s business leaders to deliver breakthrough innovation within six months using the BlueCallom Innovation Framework & Software. We provide unique neuroscience and AI-driven framework and software that guides innovation teams through an entire multi-year innovation life cycle. The software aggregates thousands of data points, feeding an innovation-specific KPI-Framework. All innovation administration and reporting work are delegated to the AI system – freeing up additional creativity. We implement a complete solution through workshops, training, and guided innovation support

Full time
BlueCallom AG 8008 Zürich, ZH, Switzerland
Who we are BlueCallom is pioneering high-performance, high-productivity prompt engineering technology for generative AI with the ability to measure the productivity gain of every prompt. The company’s professional Prompt Development, Testing, and Deployment system, GPTBlue, empowers Customers and Business Partners to digitally deliver AI solutions internally and through multi-tier distribution channels. Who we are looking for Our ideal candidate is getting excited about building new software products that make a real difference to the people it is created for. You have a good understanding of Generative-AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing so that you can take unsolved problems and describe how they could be solved. You also have a general idea how Python, React, and SQL work and what those tools can do. We are looking at somebody who loves to take on the ownership and responsibility for the entire software product...