Direktion der Justiz und des Innern

Gray mouse, old dachshund or colorful canary? We like the colorful and want to become even more colourful. Because our business areas are as diverse as life itself and rarely get dusty. Around 2,000 employees work every day to provide good services and to further develop their areas of responsibility. Our core tasks include criminal prosecution and the enforcement of penalties and measures as well as reintegration. Other tasks include relations with the communities and religious communities, archiving, integration of the foreign resident population, promotion of culture, equality between women and men and monitoring elections. We have a variety of tasks and ideas and are convinced that our employees come to work with the inner intention to do a good job. However, things don't always run smoothly for us. However, we believe that you can learn from mistakes. That's why we encourage trying out and bringing in your own ideas. If something goes wrong, we are interested in the "why" and not the "who". Our collaboration is based on the triad of trusting, letting go and experimenting.