MindMaze is a Swiss company that operates an online platform to build intuitive human machine interfaces combining virtual reality (VR), computer graphics, brain imaging, and neuroscience. The company’s medical grade technology enables the development of new applications in gaming, brain machine control, and healthcare. MindMaze builds high-resolution motion capture sensors that provide position and orientation to enable real-time mapping of movement onto virtual characters. MindMaze was founded in 2012 by Tej Tadi and is based in Écublens, Vaud. It is a spin off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL).

Full time
MindMaze Lausanne, VD, Switzerland
Company Description MindMaze is a global leader in digital neuro-therapeutics (DTx) solutions with a mission to accelerate the brain's ability to recover, learn and adapt. With over a decade of work at the intersection of neuroscience, bio-sensing, engineering, mixed reality, and artificial intelligence, our healthcare division is addressing some of the most challenging problems in neurology, including stroke, Alzheimer disease, and Parkinson disease, by creating the universal platform for brain health and recovery and unique digital therapeutic interventions. MindMaze's pioneering FDA cleared and CE marked neuro-digital therapeutics accelerate patients' recovery from many critical neurological conditions. Join our eclectic mix of scientists, physicists, engineers and clinicians, and grow with MindMaze. Design and develop embedded software and firmware frameworks for consumer and medical devices. Work closely with the electrical and hardware design team for designing, building...