Schaffhausen Institute of Technology

Constructor group is a global institution dedicated to creating knowledge through science, education, and technology. Our integrated, self-sustainable ecosystem focuses on the five fundamental technology needs expected to contribute to solving the current challenges of the world: general intelligence, quantum technology, intelligent materials, hybrid reality, and life engineering. Our knowledge ecosystem combines extensive education offers covering the entire learning lifecycle from K-12 to post-graduate programs and courses for executives, highly efficient research capacities, and commercial operations for our technology breakthroughs. The Constructor ecosystem comprises Constructor University, a non-profit, research-oriented private university located in Bremen, Germany, and an institute in Schaffhausen. Several ventures market our technology innovations: Alemira and Learning focus on advanced solutions in Educational Technology, executive education, and consulting services. Rolos delivers a platform boosting research productivity and develops MI for robotics and driverless mobility. Capital and Start Garden further strengthen our ecosystem by offering funding and start-up incubation capacities.