LS Instruments AG

LS Instruments AG leverages a core expertise in cutting edge light scattering technologies to address complex needs in scientific and industrial areas including biotechnology, food science, cosmetics, nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals, fundamental materials research, and more. LS Instruments was founded as a Spin-Off that originated from the Physics Department of the University of Fribourg. In 2007 the company moved to the incubator FriUp where the professional support allowed us to evolve into a real Start-Up. Consulting by our CTI-Coach Paul-Andre Vogel was vital for our success in these years and continues to contribute to our ongoing progress. In 2011 we made the step to move into our own office in Rte-St-Nicolas-de-Flue where LS Instruments is located today. In the same year we also received the prestigious CTI Start-Up label. Today LS Instruments builds and develops sophisticated scientific tools to supply industry and research with the technology they need to discover the world of tomorrow.