Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services AG

The Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services AG is an established, internationally oriented service company of the Swiss banks. In 1975, the Swiss Bankers Travelers Check Center was established to issue the Swiss Bankers Travelers Check in Swiss francs. The company changed its legal form in 2008 and has since continued to operate as a stock corporation under the name Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services AG. The shareholders - Association of Swiss Cantonal Banks - Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd - Entris Banking Ltd - Raiffeisen Switzerland Cooperative - PostFinance Ltd Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services Ltd is based in Gross Höchstetten near Bern. In the 2016 financial year, 57 employees were involved in the development, processing, the sale and servicing of prepaid cards and the dispatch service for travel funds. Today's core business is the development, sale and processing of prepaid cards. The company intends to further expand its leading position in this market.