People should be able to work free of material worries, even when they are sick. CONCORDIA has been defending this right since it was founded in Zug in 1913. Today, more than 748,000 people are insured by CONCORDIA. For this reason, it ranks among the largest health and accident insurance providers in Switzerland. Approximately 1,200 persons are employed in part-time and full-time positions. 550 of these are employed at the headquarters in Lucerne; the others are employed in four service centres, in the Landesvertretung Liechtenstein, and in 270 agencies throughout Switzerland. CONCORDIA offers private individuals, families, companies and associations the best possible and reliable material protection against the financial consequences of illness and accident. They do this with mandatory health care insurance pursuant to the Swiss federal law on health insurance (KVG/LAMal), the supplementary insurances pursuant to the Swiss federal law on insurance contracts (VVG/LCA) and accident insurance pursuant to the Swiss federal law on accident insurance (UVG/LAA/LAINF).