Axon Lab AG

We are a proactive and reliable partner of hospitals, medical practices, private laboratories, research and industry, as well as of private individuals. Who we are. We are a cutting-edge, customer-oriented service company operating in the fields of medical diagnostics, life science and software solutions for the health-care sector. We collaborate with reputable international supply partners in selling innovative systems to clinics, doctors and the research sector. We focus on providing a comprehensive, future-oriented service, to provide a foundation for long-term business relations. Out of conviction. Everything we do is based on a sense of conviction. We feel that we have an obligation to make a positive contribution to people's health and well-being. This is why we offer far more than just products delivered by reputable,international supply partners. We guarantee our customers personal care, a professional service and customized solutions. Networked. Apart from the quality of the measurements, there is increased emphasis on efficient networking. Our proprietary medical practice software AchillesTM developed for our customers allows us to improve treatment processes, increase patient safety and boost the health-care system's efficiency. AchillesTM is THE practice software enabling rapid, reliable practice management. Our promise. Individual customer care, comprehensive service and customized solutions are part and parcel of what we deliver. Our versatile business models with customer-oriented finance solutions are evidence of our long-term approach to partnership, making us a top-performing organization within Europe.We can offer you greater financial benefits. We provide in-depth consultancy, comprehensive planning, and expert implementation.