Axon Vibe

Axon Vibe provides an AI-driven smartphone-based mobility and rewards platform for incentivising sustainable travel to achieve net zero targets. We work with major public transport operators and authorities (such as MTA New York, Deutsche Bahn, East Japan Railway Company), city authorities, shared mobility providers and local businesses to understand, inspire and reward greener mobility behaviours. BEHAVIOUR CHANGE. We understand and predict travel behaviour of public transport customers and enable behaviour change (e.g. modal shift, peak to off-peak) in public transport mobile apps. NET ZERO EMISSIONS. By rewarding carbon neutral behaviour we increase customer satisfaction and help public transport operators and authorities achieve net zero carbon goals and access green financing. ANCILLARY REVENUE.Rewards from businesses increase footfall in their shops, create up-selling opportunities and boost the local economy. Our business model unlocks new revenue potential for public transport operators and authorities.