Liberty Pension Ltd

We are a leading full-service company in Switzerland in the field of occupational and tied private pensions. We are also a technology company that is setting new standards in the pensions market with its open and modular pensions platform. In addition to a high level of advisory expertise and a pronounced service mentality, we offer a large number of innovative pension products in the 2nd and 3rd pillars. Founded in 2005, Liberty has quickly developed into an innovative provider and is networked throughout Switzerland. Thanks to around 83 motivated employees, Liberty has succeeded in regularly launching new services and products for the Swiss market and in further developing the platform together with numerous partners. Liberty is the first Swiss pensions platform with access to over 333 legally compliant investment products in occupational and tied private pensions. Liberty employees advise customers and cooperation partners responsibly and with foresight. Their goal is to protect the pension assets entrusted to them in the long term, to increase them and to manage them efficiently together with customers and partners.