HaslerRail AG

Founded in 1887 as a part of Berne’s biggest non-government employer, the Tachymetry Division of Hasler AG Bern has since then written a history of excellence. Soon after its foundation, its products were in use all over the world as epitomes of reliability, quality and precision. In the late 1980’s, the Tachymetry division was sold to Sécheron SA, a Geneva-based railway electronics’ manufacturer. Today, the Sécheron Hasler Group is privately owned - with a clear long-term strategy to sustainably develop the business internationally. Still today, 125 years after its creation, HaslerRail AG and its collaborators are committed to developing and producing high-quality products and solutions for our railway-industry customers.One of our major goals is to contribute to our customers’ success – every HaslerRail AG collaborator from Sales to After Sales Service is committed to provide best possible work