Datahouse AG

Statistics and IT competence from a single source: Datahouse combines two core competencies - data analysis and software development - into a unique service from a single source: On the one hand, as a data science company and ETH spin-off, Datahouse analyzes complex data sets and generates decision-making bases for the customer. On the other hand, Datahouse develops customized software solutions. Expertise in problem analysis: Datahouse has many years of experience in quickly understanding and familiarizing customers with topics and processes. From numerous projects, Datahouse brings cross-industry expertise to efficiently analyze and understand problems. Innovation in dialogue: Datahouse develops modern and individual concepts in dialogue with the customer, to digitize processes and make data optimally usable. Thanks to the interdisciplinary cooperation and agility of Datahouse, innovations are created that create added value. Professional software development and low-maintenance operation: Datahouse offers its customers an all-round service package and, thanks to established technologies, develops high-quality software solutions and web applications, operates them in a stable and low-maintenance manner and guarantees support.