Frama AG

For more than 45 years, the Frama Group has specialised in the development, manufacture, and international sales of mail processing, data management, and communications solutions. Systems that are used successfully in more than 50 countries on five continents. Convenient, easily accessible, process-oriented letter and parcel solutions create added value for our customers. And important, confidential and sensitive e-mails with proof of delivery, proof content and time as well. Our objective is added value and communications security, no matter what content or channel. Integrity in communications is the core of our services. Frama delivers high-quality communications solutions. Letters, packages, e-mails. Integrated, convenient, and trustworthy. Proof of transaction. Verified. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.We uniquely combine the benefits of letters and the digital world. Delivery, content, and hand-off are now widely available for digital information exchange. Across borders, verifiable, documented. Information and data packages are provided with new quality in delivery. Security and confidentiality guaranteed. For sender and recipient. Physical or digital, all from one provider. Frama focuses on specific technological and system competence. The sophisticated balancing, comparing and managing of sensitive, confidential data and funds between users and service providers requires efficient, highly available management and system solutions that meet the highest standards of security. More than 100,000 customers all over the world receive support from our ten subsidiaries and about 40 specialised business partners.Our customers are publicly and privately held companies, service organizations, postal authorities and service providers, taxation and finance agencies, trust services, and government institutions and many more.