For more than 20 years, Stromasys has provided the world’s leading organizations with a better way to break free from the growing risks associated with legacy hardware maintenance. Our CharonⓇ emulation software and alliances with leading cloud providers seamlessly virtualize legacy systems on modern hardware or in the cloud, eliminating the cost and time needed to manage aging hardware and rewrite software. No reengineering is required because our unique software makes it possible to run legacy applications unchanged on its native operating system. Founded in 1998, we are headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland; Raleigh, NC; and Hong Kong. Our global presence extends to mission-critical installations at the world's leading companies in 70+ countries. We have enabled nuclear power plants, extensive rail networks, essential government and military organizations, and complex industrial automation users to continue operating their existing software on modern hardware. We are a profitable, growing company, leading our field. We partner in solutions and sales with leading technology companies, including Oracle, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, AWS, VMware, Red Hat, NetApp, Nutanix, Cisco, Intel. As an employer, we emphasize diversity, equal opportunity, work flexibility, and judging people only by their work. We are obsessed with deep technology, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We like small, effective teams that get things done quickly. Half of us work from our offices in Geneva, Switzerland; Moscow, Russia; Raleigh, NC, USA; Cambridge, MA, USA; Hong Kong; and Shenzhen, China. The rest of us work remotely from Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Greece, Australia, Argentina, and USA.