We are everywhere in the canton of Zurich where there are roads, rivers, lakes and forests, where wild animals live or where agriculture is practiced. And when it comes to the construction and management of cantonal buildings, energy supply, environmental protection and the preservation of monuments, we are also responsible. Our offices: Office for Landscape and Nature (ALN) We are committed to the sustainable use and protection of nature in the canton of Zurich. Office for Spatial Development (ARE) The Office for Spatial Development is the cantonal agency for spatial planning, geoinformation and the preservation of cultural assets. It contributes to promoting the quality of Zurich as a place to live and work. Office for Waste, Water, Energy and Air (AWEL) We are committed to a healthy, safe and attractive environment in the canton of Zurich. Building Authority (HBA) The Building Authority develops, controls and implements new buildings and conversions and is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the cantonal buildings. Real Estate Office (IMA) The canton of Zurich has one of the largest public real estate portfolios in Switzerland. As the owner's representative of the canton, the real estate office is entrusted with the control, development and management of this portfolio. Civil Engineering Office (TBA) We plan, design, build, operate and maintain cantonal roads, bridges, cycling, hiking and bridle paths according to the principles of sustainability. These are used for public and private transport and thus make a significant contribution to making the canton of Zurich attractive in the long term. General Secretariat (GS) The General Secretariat is the hub between the six offices of the Building Directorate and provides management support for the Building Director. Vacancies and further information on our website