Nexplore AG

In order to position itself to be capable of dealing with future challenges in the rapidly changing construction industry in an era of digitalization, HOCHTIEF Aktiengesellschaft (including Turner in the US and Cimic in APAC) has bundled its digital activities in Nexplore. We are systematically working together to seize the opportunities provided by digitalization for our core business. Our aspiration is to be the pioneer in the digital transformation process of the construction industry and by expanding our digital expertise to act as a fundamental driver of developments in this sector. Here Nexplore capitalizes on a global network of innovation centers (Essen, Frankfurt/Darmstadt, Madrid, Minneapolis, Sydney and Hong Kong), where employees from specialist disciplines work. Because that is precisely where our strength lies:using the Group’s long-term and well-founded expertise and experience, and together with colleagues from the project business, translating this into digital solutions. But these projects are also supplemented by expertise from different universities and partners outside the corporate group