Iprova is pioneering a data driven approach to innovation which is transforming the way physical science inventions are created. Our technology harnesses the real-time inventive power of the world’s information. As a result commercially relevant breakthrough inventions may be created with unprecedented speed, agility and efficiency. We enable our clients to set up their own data-driven invention labs, or can provide inventions on demand. The inventions created with our data-driven invention technology help define next generation products and services, growing our clients top line revenues. “Iprova has demonstrated that their technology will enhance BIC’s approach to inventing products that solve the needs of our consumers. That’s why we decided to bring their technology in-house, strengthening BIC’s R&D capability and creating a stream of disruptive and diverse inventions.” Thomas Brette, Group Insights and Innovation Officer at BIC. “Working with Iprova allows us to efficiently acquire disruptive, yet commercially relevant, inventions which support Panasonic’s business strategy and objectives in the automotive area" Yoshiaki Tokuda, Director of Intellectual Property Center, Panasonic Corporation "Iprova provides us with very interesting 'out of the box' inventions which are relevant to our business. These drive both new opportunities for research and the expansion of our patent portfolio." Philips Intellectual Property & Standards Bill Fischer, Professor of Innovation Management at IMD, commented: "....Iprova has been able to raise the probability of innovation payoff". Martin Jaggi, Tenure-Track Assistant Professor at the Machine Learning and Optimization Laboratory at EPFL, added: “The AI and machine learning methods of Iprova are state-of-the-art, and it is a great pleasure to collaborate with their very skilled and motivated development team on research projects jointly with EPFL”.

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Iprova Switzerland
Job details Job Type Full-time 90-100% Full Job Description 6 months, full-time | Switzerland Who we are We are pioneering the development of artificial intelligence and other technologies to augment and enhance the human ability to invent. Working with some of the world’s best-known technology companies in North America, Europe, and Japan, our technology enables the products of tomorrow to be invented faster and more efficiently than has previously been possible. Already, all 10 of the world’s largest tech companies including Amazon, Apple and Google reference granted patents based on our inventions. Objective Iprova’s technology enables the creation of inventions by identifying and connecting useful inventive signals from day-day social, market and technological advances – even if they are very distant to the target invention area. Consequently, we process large amounts of data every...