🎟 Online ticketing free of charge 🎶 Simple event organization 🎭 Largest event calendar in Switzerland 🌍 Active in Switzerland and Germany With Eventfrog, advance booking fees are a thing of the past. With us you can sell tickets for your event online without incurring any costs or fees.

Full time
Eventfrog 4600 Olten, Solothurn, Switzerland
Job details Job Type Full-time 90-100% Remote Full Job Description Do you want to make a difference and not wait for approval? Are you passionate about data and want to use your machine learning and data science skills? Strengthen our machine learning team immediately or by appointment and take our startup one step further. Our vision Eventfrog is an event and ticketing platform that has set itself the goal of digitally revolutionizing the ticketing industry: We want to make organizers of all kinds, whether amateurs or professionals, more financially successful, into a thriving, regional cultural landscape in Europe contribute and thus create a counterpoint to the gigantism of the event industry. Eventfrog offers event organizers professional, free online ticketing, free distribution of their events and many other practical tools to make their events more...