OnlineDoctor 24 GmbH

OnlineDoctor is an innovative health-tech Start-up. Founded in Switzerland in 2016, OnlineDoctor is the leading provider of teledermatology in Europe today. Anyone with a skin problem can receive a diagnosis and therapy recommendation from a dermatologist of their choice within a maximum of 48 hours - no waiting or travel time needed. With a network of more than 1000 health partners, we are dedicated every single day to enable specialists to offer timely, affordable and high-quality digital treatment to their patients.

Full time
OnlineDoctor 24 GmbH Switzerland
Full Job Description To continue the OnlineDoctor journey and building our modern  telemedicine platform  and shaping the future of dermatology merging medical expertise and cutting-edge AI, we are looking for the best software engineers to become part of our growing, cross-functional team, which is one of the  key factors  to expand our business in the future. As a  research and development department , we are solving tomorrow’s problems today, convinced that AI must and will be an indispensable part of  future medicine . As an  interdisciplinary team , we combine all the necessary perspectives, surpassing the expertise of a single person many times over, and thus finding an answer to every question - together. Our research does not aspire to be rocket science but rather to create  tangible benefits in medicine  through our research approaches and new technologies. We encourage you to bring in  fresh ideas ,...