Feldschlösschen Getränke AG

Feldschlösschen, headquartered in Rheinfelden AG, is the leading brewery and largest beverage retailer in Switzerland. The company has existed since 1876 and employs 1,200 people at 21 locations throughout Switzerland. With a range of over 40 of its own Swiss brand beers and a comprehensive beverage portfolio from mineral water to soft drinks and wine, Feldschlösschen supplies 25,000 customers from the catering, retail and beverage trades. The success of Feldschlösschen is based on firmly anchored values: pioneer, master, partner. They form the stable foundation on which Feldschlösschen acts as the market leader. Feldschlösschen has been part of the Carlsberg Group since 2000. The two breweries have their roots in the open-minded entrepreneurial spirit of their founders. JC Jacobsen from Copenhagen and Theophil Roniger and Mathias Wüthrich from Rheinfelden in Aargau took an active part in the social life of their time as entrepreneurs. She was characterized by a sense of responsibility for the well-being of her workforce and her environment, as well as her reliability for her customers and business partners. JC Jacobsen founded the Carlsberg Foundation in 1876, which is still the main shareholder of Carlsberg and, in addition to promoting art and culture, runs a laboratory that has made significant achievements for society. The life's work of the founders has endured to this day: Carlsberg from Copenhagen and Feldschlösschen from Rheinfelden stand for a common purpose: WE BREW FOR A BETTER TODAY AND TOMORROW Many companies have to search intensively in order to find their purpose. Our purpose has always been there. We perfect our work every day. We give everything to brew better and better beers. Beers that are the focus of moments when people come together. We don't settle for short-term success when we can create a better today and tomorrow for all of us.