Antaès Consulting

Created in 2007, Antaes is a consulting firm that supports its clients in the fields of Management Consulting, Information Systems, and Engineering. As a key player in the Swiss and international markets, Antaes has developed partnerships with the economic leaders of Switzerland, France, and Asia (Singapore and Hong-Kong). Antaes is positioning itself as the preferred partner of companies in the tertiary, industrial and IT sectors by showcasing its ability to reconcile business vision with technological vision in order to add maximum value. In the spring of 2014, whilst expanding to the French and German-speaking markets and developing a range of specialized offers in Europe, the Antaes Associates established a strategic alliance with the Franco-German group Technology & Strategy. Antaes places people at the heart of the strategy,with a view to building loyalty and trust with our teams of consultants and our partners. The talented people who join our teams are focused, empathic, responsive, driven, and resolutely turned toward new ideas. Please feel free to contact us: