2BIT GmbH develops groundbreaking individual software that is specially tailored to its customers or advises you with passion on all your technology questions. IT's our passion. Our strengths lie in the following points: USER EXPERIENCE: With over ten years of experience in frontend engineering, we understand the challenges of a user-friendly user interface. For us it is a matter of course to constantly maximize user-friendliness. In workshops, we check existing or planned software for user-friendliness and optimize ergonomics. ANGULAR: Single Page Applications and Angular is now on everyone's lips. When we first came into contact with single page application technologies, they were still in their infancy. In the meantime, Angular has established itself as a quasi-standard. We use Angular for all web applications, especially in large projects, and therefore know all the tips and tricks that need to be considered. In addition to pure development, we also carry out architectural consultations, coaching and courses on this topic. TYPESCRIPT: Since the first beta version of TypeScript we have been using this ingenious programming language when building single page applications. This enables us to program according to object-oriented paradigms in the Javascript-dominated web world. TypeScript is type-safe and can use well-known constructs such as inheritance or generics. AGILE BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE / DATA VAULT: With Data Vault, 2BIT offers a fully-fledged approach and not only covers any real-time requirements and big data needs, but also many advantages due to the high flexibility. In addition to our direct line to Data Vault father Dan Linstedt, we are one of the first companies in Switzerland to have Data Vault 2.0 certified developers.