We create and power virtual worlds. We are a British technology company, dedicated to solving the challenges of building virtual worlds. Founded in 2012, Improbable is a British technology start-up that creates and enables virtual worlds. Our vision is to bring about rich, interactive environments that will transform economies and industries, to make people happier, safer and more connected. These can take the form of multiplayer games or synthetic environments that simulate the real world, helping governments model, plan and train. As a pioneer in envisioning the possibilities for positive social and economic change through multiplayer and multiuser connectivity, creativity and collaboration, we’re building an ecosystem of technologies and partners to realise our vision.Improbable’s unique technology enables thousands to assemble in a single virtual game environment or simulate real-world challenges at scale. The critical infrastructure we create will power the coming age of virtual worlds. Our aim is to become a leader in this space, defining and powering a major evolution in human interaction. Visit our website to find out more.