Simply TWINT it. With the TWINT app, you can make payments easily and conveniently: in online shops, at supermarket cash registers, in canteens and at vending machines. TWINT offers you many options and is always secure. TWINT AG creates digital innovations in the financial sector. Since being founded in 2014, it has been developing Switzerland’s digital cash. In 2016, TWINT merged with Paymit. Today, Switzerland’s biggest banks and SIX are united in their support of the TWINT app, the Swiss standard solution in the area of mobile payments. With TWINT, you can transfer money in real time – easily from smartphone to smartphone. And you can also request and receive money from friends and family. Pay at the parking meter without the need for coins: to do so, simply scan the QR code that is attached to the parking meter.You can store more and more cards digitally in the TWINT app. Whether with a customer loyalty card like the Coop Supercard or a membership card: you take advantage of the respective benefits of the saved card every time you pay with TWINT. We are based in Zurich and Bern.
Full time
TWINT AG Zürich, ZH, Switzerland
Job details Job Type 80-100% Full Job Description At TWINT, we believe that innovation should make our life and coexistence better.   That it should help us to concentrate on the things that are really important: the experiences that move us.   The people who are close to us.   Everything that brings us forward together.   That's why we make sure that our everyday life is constantly getting easier - because payment and everything around it can be smoothly integrated into our lives and we don't have to worry about it anymore.   So that each of us can make more of the moment.   In the small as in the big.   For yourself, for others and for the whole of Switzerland. Do you like to dream big and work with passion on crazy ideas?   TWINT has long been much more than "just" the most popular payment app in Switzerland.   If you also want to be part of our success story, then we are looking for you DevOps Engineer, 80-100% in Bern and/or Zurich with...