Schlatter Industries AG

The Schlatter Group is a world leader in plant manufacturing, providing resistance welding systems for specific industrial solutions as well as weaving and finishing machines for paper machine clothing, wire cloth and mesh. Thanks to our extensive industrial engineering expertise, our spirit of innovation and our reliable customer service, we are able to offer our customers superior manufacturing systems. In the wire segment, the Schlatter Group specialises in designing plants for producing industrial and reinforcing mesh. In this highly competitive market, customers are chiefly looking for low initial costs, high productivity and good expandability. In the rail segment, the Schlatter Group develops stationary and mobile rail welding systems. We owe our position as the worldwide market leader in this segment to our high-quality core technology, providing our customers in the rail industry with cost-efficient solutions. In the weaving segment, the Schlatter Group provides weaving and finishing machines for the paper machine clothing (PMC) industry under the Jäger brand. As the only company in the world, we also develop systems for processes upstream of the weaving as well as for final fabric treatment.