FAIRTIQ is an innovative mobile ticketing system that makes travelling on public transport easier than ever before. The app allows users to easily check-in and check-out rather than buying a ticket from the driver, at a TVM or a booking office, with all the hassle that that involves.​ At the end of their journey, users are charged the lowest possible price for the actual journey undertaken - whether it is single or multi-leg, or involving more than one operator. Because of low upfront costs, and high customer satisfaction, FAIRTIQ's app offers the perfect solution for all transport companies regardless of size or type.​ The app uses artificial intelligence based bespoke algorithms drawing on many years of experience in public transport and ticketing to build a highly accurate picture of a user’s journey, making the app very accurate and reliable. Available on Apple iOS and all Android versions, FAIRTIQ’s app can be brought into operation quickly and with minimal disruption, as no on-vehicle or on-station equipment is required

Full time
FAIRTIQ AG 3011 Bern, Bern, Switzerland
Our passion is our driver Live out all your nerd know-how and business expertise, be innovative and make a difference.   You are super passionate about what you do and you value a good work-life balance.   Then you are FAIRTIQ.   Then you are in the right place. Senior Machine Learning Researcher Type:   Part Time to Full Time As a Senior Machine Learning Researcher in the Travel squad you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to our core technology that transforms mobile sensor data into public transport trips. Determining the actual public transport journey of a user based on sensor data, timetable data and various other data sources is a challenging task involving a combination of optimisation and machine learning techniques. You'll have to find creative ways to improve existing solutions and come up with new ones, contributing both to the research and engineering aspects. As part of an international startup, you’ll design, implement and...