Open Search Network Ltd

We bring together and integrate a network of skills and services related to STEM profiles recruiting and engagement. We are structured in three hubs, different yet synergic, following a 3P model made of people, products and projects: OSN, OST e OSR&D. Our goal is to serve the Italian Data market through cutting-edge services and HR tech, bringing the research world closer to the business world. Our three souls: - Open Search Net: Based in London, OSN is the first recruiting firm specializing in globally renowned Italian STEM profiles. From 2013 to the present, we have worked with top professionals from different fields and industries of the Italian economy and in 2017 we also collaborated with Diego Piacentini‘s team, at that time Commissioner for the Italian Government’s Digital Agenda.
The traditional recruitment model was no longer working – at least, not for the innovative profiles focus of OSN activities. So we devised a new way to find and engage candidates, through a gamification system based on mathematical and statistical challenges, capable of engaging them while evaluating their skills and fit with the company looking for talents. - Open Search Tech: OST is an HR Tech platform through which we develop innovative technology solutions aimed at the development, evaluation and empowerment of STEM(A) profiles sought by our clients. Open Data Playground is the first OST proprietary product: a hackathon and data challenge platform to solve real business and corporate social accountability issues. - Open Search R&D: OSR&D is our division focused on research and development in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Our goal is to boost the mutual contamination between research and business, assisting academies and top centers in the appropriate  management of collaboration opportunities with companies and corporations through industrial research projects, training courses and talent management activities.