Private Alpha Switzerland AG

„We enhance existing investment strategies with artificial intelligence Technology“ Our Technology Our state of the art technology is made possible with proprietary algorithms and indicators combined with our Private Alpha Artificial Intelligence Platform (PAAI). The technology is a multi-staged combination of financial market indicators for ideal asset allocation while formulating new investment insights through the use of AI. Our Private Alpha Stock Screener (PASS) is combining both fundamental and quantitative analysis within a universe of 6000 stock listed companies to detect unique investment opportunities. Mission: We stand for a fully digital financial technology company using our own indicators-, algorithms- and screening tool inventions. These inventions combined with latest robo-based data analytics deliver strong financial signals which will generate high returns for our clients. Technology is crucial to advancing our mission. Vision: Leading provider of rule-based investment tools, with consistent outperformance of financial market benchmarks, generating high “Alpha” for our “Private” clients using latest technology inventions within AI and machine learning field.