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As a leading fintech company, we work with our customers to develop hybrid models that bring together the digital and analog business processes of various service providers without media discontinuity. In this way, efficient and solution-oriented applications are implemented together. In today's dynamic business environment, addressing customer challenges is key. Atpoint employs 12 people and has over 8 years of experience in the finance and insurance industry. We always see ourselves as part of a team, with and with the customer, to successfully implement the target applications. With the subsidiary randomreality, which specializes in design and usability, atpoint ensures that all digitization processes in the application are user-friendly and self-explanatory. Today this is decisive for the success or failure of an application. With game development, we also meet the growing demands on marketing tools. atpoint offers you efficient solutions, which we integrate into complex peripheral systems and implements your needs for more efficiency and simpler, digital business processes with you. Our product: CAM - Customer Acquisition Management With CAM, your business processes are completely customizable and always with a return flow into your banking system. Digital account openings for all banking products such as account products, credit cards, pension accounts, corporate loans, with the customer-specific application documents, can be created within 10 minutes. In addition, the identity check and the digital signature are integrated into the opening process without media discontinuity