We are a dynamic SME that likes to pursue ambitious goals and operates in a sensitive niche market. We have more than 35 years of experience in the development of business solutions for tax administrations and over 100 committed employees. We have our headquarters in Kriens and locations in Matzingen and Zurich. We offer our customers a comprehensive service for everything to do with our "nest taxes" software. And we offer IT talents the chance to implement exciting projects with us and to develop personally and professionally. Using the standard software nest Taxes nest Taxes encompasses the entire process of “collecting taxes” and maps all types of tax. nest control is flexible and can be parameterized to meet a wide variety of needs. nest taxes can be used at canton and municipality level as well as in a network (computer center). nest taxes was developed in close cooperation with the cantons. With around 3.3 million administrated residents to date (14 cantonal tax administrations, cities such as Winterthur and Zurich as well as approx. 250 municipal tax offices) and the resulting tax substrate, nest has achieved important economic importance.