Coop Genossenschaft

Coop is the second-largest retail group in Switzerland. Close to its customers and organized in five sales regions, Coop operates over 1,800 stores and has a workforce of approximately 53,000. Coop is the clear market leader in environmentally friendly and fair-trade products. Coop aims to be better and closer to its customers than any other retailer in Switzerland. Its focus is therefore on the long-term trends of zest for life, freshness, health, convenience and dynamism. As an enterprise organized along cooperative lines, Coop's primary commitment is to its more than two million member households. This commitment is reflected in Coop's corporate profile: "We are close to our customers"

Full time
Coop Genossenschaft 4053 Basel, BS, Switzerland
tasks Construction, deployment & maintenance of data & ML pipelines with cloud technologies Bringing machine learning prototypes into productive operation (writing robust code, reviews of machine learning algorithms and statistical models, ensuring compliance with standards and taking operational responsibility for them) Further development, maintenance & operation of our analytics & ML platform (internal software packages for Python & R, CI/CD pipelines, Airflow, Kubernetes & Docker in cloud environment) Further development of running ML applications with data scientists and business stakeholders Working mainly in DevOps mode, taking operational responsibility for ML applications, pipelines and platform Close cooperation with our data engineering team and the departments responsible for upstream and downstream processes Participation in projects and/or agile product teams requirements Recently completed university degree...