Technaura Systems GmbH

Technaura is the leading provider of consultancy, development and managed services for fast data streaming processes. We transform monolithic systems into a cloud-native microservices-based architecture. Our solutions are created and delivered to help your business be faster, responsive and resilient. Using cutting edge technologies like Kubernetes, Kafka, Akka and Play, Technaura’s fast data platform KubKaf provides business elasticity, agility and scalability. Our monitoring platform Kubwatch helps you respond to real-time events, improving your business process KPIs and have better control over adverse occurrences. With our Kubgitops framework, our customers can adopt DevOps in a Kubernetes-based environment quickly and provides a pre-configured CI/CD pipeline. Technaura helps you: • Design, build and run your real-time architecture • Improve business agility and customer response • Optimise resource utilisation in a DevOps environment • Boost developer productivity • Deepen your customer engagement We are proud partners of Confluent, MS Azure, AWS, GCP, Lightbend and Hadron Finsys for our Talent Solutions. For more information please visit our website below.