Haag-Streit AG

A fascination with technology, exceptional manufacturing skills, close cooperation with trusted scientists and medical professionals, and a desire to implement their pioneering ideas – all of this allows us to create instruments that broaden our horizons and help us to see further. The company’s focus on ophthalmic instruments was established by Wilhelm Haag back in the 1930s, and the premium products we have been manufacturing ever since are constantly being updated and improved. Haag-Streit has likewise been streamlined and refined over time and has always been quick to adopt new technologies, as instanced in the progression from purely mechanical to electromechanical instruments – bits and bytes are thus just as central to our operations today as traditional materials like metal and glass. These “new” engineering skills are deployed to create sophisticated, intuitive software and we exploit this potential both in instrument development and in our work processes. We still rely on human skill, but nowadays this is augmented to great effect with highly automated manufacturing facilities and advanced operational procedures. Holistic thinking and a tightly networked business have helped to ensure that Haag-Streit devices are now available in 145 countries and we can boast a powerful sales network of more than 65 distributors. Haag-Streit Diagnostics is an important manufacturing company and a cornerstone of the "Haag-Streit Group"​. The Haag-Streit Group builds the "Medical Device"​ division at Metall Zug AG. Metall Zug is an industrial group of companies headquartered in Zug, Switzerland.