FORFIRM was founded at the end of 2014 with the ambitious plan  to provide clients with pragmatic solutions to the challenges of an increasingly competitive, technology driven and unpredictable market.  Since our inception FORFIRM has invested  70% of profits into R&D, delivering effective proof of concepts to the market. 

FORFIRM is an established partner of major worldwide consortia, providing us access to privileged innovation in the early stages.

FORFIRM supports our clients' needs in Europe through a 360° focus on technology and business achieved through  our talent, continuous training and the rigor of our methodologies.

FORFIRM, unlike many larger consultancy companies, does not use subcontractors and the cost to our clients comes directly from real-time work on the project and co-investment in the definition of ideas, market analysis and prototyping. 

At FORFIRM we believe so strongly in the value we can bring that we offer the initial analysis and proof of concept at no cost to our clients, allowing our products and services to speak for themselves