Our Mixed Reality (XR) organization in Zurich is focused on research and development of machine perception technologies from early concepts to production level across all of Facebook Reality Labs' products and surfaces including Oculus products and Family of Apps (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp). We develop core capabilities across a range of product domains including Avatars, AR/VR remote presence / calling, AR Commerce, AR Sharing, and more. In this role, you will be researching and developing state of the art computer vision and machine learning technologies for solving challenges that bridge virtual and real worlds and can impact billions of people. You will be setting technical direction for the projects you work on and will have opportunities to collaborate with other researchers, engineers and product teams. There are lots of exciting and challenging unsolved problems in computer vision and machine learning for Facebook Reality Labs. It is early days and we're looking for you to usher in the next era of human - human and human - computer interaction by solving these problems together with us.