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Scailyte develops artificial intelligence technology for the discovery of complex disease patterns from single-cell data. Our solution provides unprecedented insight into diseases by uncovering human's hidden "single-cell"​ secrets. Our AI-based software ScaiVision, offers best-in-class performance for supervised pattern recognition analysis of single-cell data. The performance and clinically-relevant application of the deep learning algorithm has been demonstrated in a scientific publication by our co-founder Prof. Claassen (ETH Zurich). ScaiVision will allow our customers to reduce data analysis time and costs, while increasing groundbreaking insights

Scailyte AG Sursee, Lucerne, Switzerland
Full time
A postdoctoral research position in the laboratory of Endometriosis and Gynecological Oncology is available by September 1st 2020 to investigate the cellular diversity and mRNA expression in endometrium. The present project is supported by a grant from Innosuisse. Who we are: Endometriosis is a prevalent and often painful disease characterised by the implantation and growth of endometrial epithelial and stromal cells outside the uterine cavity. The disease involves many disorders in the immunological, metabolic, hormonal systems, and unfortunately the decisive trigger has not yet been identified. It is nonetheless commonly accepted that endometriosis is usually found following retrograde menstruation. This means that during the period some of the menstrual blood flows through the fallopian tubes and reaches the abdominal cavity. This blood contains cells from the uterus that are viable and adhere to the peritoneum. This is why the lining of the endometrium, as the cellular...