Axom is a team of engineers creating innovative data analytics solutions. We believe that the quality of our solutions depends mostly on the integration of your domain-specific knowledge in our models. Being engineers, we have the ability to understand complex processes quickly. This allows us to create data solutions with high impact and adapted to the needs of our clients. From a most simple decision tree to a complex deep neural network, we master a wide range of tools and we have experience applying them in different Machine Learning fields such as Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision or Predictive Modeling

Axom Basel, BS, Switzerland
Full time
We are a Swiss startup that provides a new generation of images analysis solutions. As we start to have some key industrial customers using our products (one already does on a daily basis, and a second one will in a couple of months, besides a few prototypes currently being tested), we decided to take our growth to the next level. We are currently doing our first investment round that should be closed in May. Our area of focus is the automation of visual quality inspection, which is currently fulfilled manually, and is therefore time consuming and repetitive. By automating those tasks, we help our customers with a consistent control of their quality standards, and allow them to efficiently monitor their production in real time. We are a young but experienced team of 5 and you will be working with our CTO, Léo, who was previously in charge of the AI department at Meero (Paris based unicorn). There are a few things to learn from him. Who we are looking for? We are currently...