Axept Business Software AG

Als innovatives Schweizer Software-Unternehmen realisieren wir betriebswirtschaftliche Software-Lösungen mit Abacus Business Software und der Business Intelligence-Software Qlik für namhafte Schweizer Unternehmen. Die Axept Business Software AG wurde 2006 als privates Unternehmen gegründet und verfügt heute über Geschäftsstellen in Bern-Schönbühl, Basel-Pratteln, Zürich-Effretikon und St.Gallen mit über 100 Mitarbeitenden.

Full time
Axept Business Software AG Zürich, ZH, Switzerland
Job details Job Type Full-time 80-100% Full Job Description Workload:  * 80-100%* Start:  * immediately or by arrangement* Are you also of the opinion that a systematically recorded database puts a company on the winning side? And you consider yourself an avid fan, no, even a pioneer in this field? Perfect! Become part of our unique data elite As an innovative Swiss software company, we implement business software solutions with Abacus Business Software, the business intelligence software Qlik and PROVIS for well-known Swiss companies. Axept Business Software AG was founded in 2006 as a private company and today has offices in Bern-Schönbühl, Basel-Pratteln, Zurich-Kemptthal and St. Gallen with over 160 employees. Our competencies lie in the areas of conception, implementation and introduction as well as support and further development of business solutions with business software - from...