ARCONDIS is the largest consultancy specializing exclusively in the life sciences industry in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. From Basel, Frankfurt and Munich, we look after local and global projects in the areas of processes , IT management and compliance for SMEs and groups in the pharmaceuticals & biotech  medical devices, healthcare and agricultural, chemical & food industries .

Arcondis Basel, BS, Switzerland
Full time
Wir schaffen Mehrwert durch funktionsübergreifende, ausgefeilte Projektabwicklung und intelligente Implementierung. Unsere Kunden lieben die Zusammenarbeit mit uns aufgrund unserer einzigartigen Fähigkeiten, unseres pragmatischen Ansatzes und unseres unbedingten Erfolgswillens. We make healthcare better. MISSION Tasks and responsibilities Beneficial utilization of data analysis to align client and organizational requirements Implementation of digitalization projects in the commercial and marketing environment Promotion of business efficiency through transparent, client-minded solutions Application of market research and data to define potential areas for growth and development Optimization of Marketing strategies through innovative solutions Initiation of contemporary approaches to optimize workflow management STUDIES Your profile University degree in marketing, communications, bioinformatics, business, or similar subject 2-5 years work experience with...