Baloise Group

The Basler Versicherungs-Gesellschaft gegen Feuerschaden (Baloise Insurance Company for Fire Damage) is founded in 1863. Today, it is known as the Baloise Group and operates in four countries under the umbrella of Bâloise Holding Ltd. At the time of its greatest geographical expansion, around 1938, it had offices in 51 countries worldwide. Baloise can look back on an eventful life. Despite its history and the changing needs of its customers, there is one principle to which Baloise has remained true at all times: the principle of safety.

Full time
Baloise Group Basel, BS, Switzerland
Job details Job Type Part-time Full Job Description * Streamline the DevOps experience of application teams, empowering them to deliver customer value faster.   * With your IT skills, you bring yourself and your ideas to our team.   * Play with your creative freedom, network and evolve. What's waiting for you Our goal is a seamless self-service experience for developers.   We offer services that enable application teams to produce valuable software with as little effort as possible.   The DevOps platform we provide (based on OpenShift, Jenkins, Keycloak, Kafka, Backstage, Dynatrace) increases the productivity of the developers and at the same time ensures a simplification of the system landscape through a high degree of standardization.   The DevOps platform encapsulates everything development teams need for their day-to-day work (be it development or operations) and presents it in the way that best suits the application teams' preferred workflow....