Archilogic AG

Archilogic’s mission is to help everyone make the best out of the places they work and live in. Our platform’s primary application provides sales enablement to clients in commercial real estate.

Archilogic AG Home office von Nadine Capoen, Karl-Marx-Straße, Birkenwerder, Germany
Full time
Archilogic is a technology company that empowers creators with accessible building information. We are a team of experts and technologists who have been pushing the envelope across the building industry, and we bring our experience into every decision we make. We come from backgrounds in architecture, software engineering, data science, real estate and development, and more. The world has witnessed an explosion of location-aware applications and experiences made possible by mapping platforms. We think the next explosion of innovation will happen in interior space, and Archilogic is the premier platform that will make that possible. We democratize valuable data about interior space by moving it out of the domain of "experts" and make it useful and accessible for everyone that needs it. We live for the moment people realize that they have what it takes to innovate in interior space - even without a team of architects. And we’re obsessed with consistently adding value for them at...