Software Engineer

  • Acosom GmbH
  • Pfäffikon, ZH, Switzerland
  • 26/05/2023
Full time Data Engineering Business Intelligence Software Engineering DevOps

Job Description

Full Job Description

At Acosom, we specialize in stream processing, big data and databases, and software architecture in general. For our team, we are looking for experienced and motivated employees who are enthusiastic about the tech industry, would like to contribute their skills and know-how to the team and are ready to master any challenge with us. We promise it's worth it!
Software Engineer
Conception and construction of software architectures
Participation in architecture and design sessions
Part Time Consulting (Kafka, Flink, distributed databases such as MongoDB, message queues such as RabbitMQ)
Implementation of requirements
Collaboration with the DevOps team
Scale ongoing projects and keep them available
Troubleshoot system issues
Direct customer support
Fully/partially remote work from Switzerland possible without any problems
Work at the rhythm in which you are productive - there are no fixed working hours
Work with IT veterans together with over 15 years Experience
relocation package/help
Hard skills:
Experience & friends in the further development of distributed systems
Knowledge of Kafka, Flink Messages Queues, distributed databases (MongoDB, Redis, ScyllaDB etc.)
Experience with cloud hosting providers such as Azure, AWS
Knowledge of common programming languages such as Java, JavaScript/Typescript, C/C++, Bash
Experience with microservice architectures
Knowledge of how to use Docker, Kubernetes
Experience with the implementation of data mesh, service mesh
Soft skills:
Good knowledge of German or English
Good communication and organizational skills
Our values:
We trust our employees 100%
Our decisions are made democratically, without weighting a job title
The collective is above the individual, we work as a team
Loyalty and trust must be earned day by day, this applies to employees as well as employers