DevOps Platform Engineer (f/m) | 80% or more

  • Baloise Group
  • Basel, BS, Switzerland
  • 04/02/2023
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* Streamline the DevOps experience of application teams, empowering them to deliver customer value faster. * With your IT skills, you bring yourself and your ideas to our team. * Play with your creative freedom, network and evolve.

What's waiting for you

Our goal is a seamless self-service experience for developers. We offer services that enable application teams to produce valuable software with as little effort as possible. The DevOps platform we provide (based on OpenShift, Jenkins, Keycloak, Kafka, Backstage, Dynatrace) increases the productivity of the developers and at the same time ensures a simplification of the system landscape through a high degree of standardization. The DevOps platform encapsulates everything development teams need for their day-to-day work (be it development or operations) and presents it in the way that best suits the application teams' preferred workflow.

With us you have IT competence: Be it for delivery pipelines (CI/CD), for observability, for compliance processes or for basic infrastructure with which the applications in the area of ​​security (OIDC) and synchronous and asynchronous data exchange are integrated with each other. This is where you bring in your idea of ​​a possible implementation.

Why is this fun? Because we are close to developers. We receive direct feedback and can optimize our DevOps platform for developers. We challenge each other as a team, have exchanges, discussions and want to develop together.

What we expect

Communities are the basis of our decisions. You are interested in the exchange in the communities and also provide a good basis for decision-making. A big plus at Baloise is that we are constantly coming together in new groups in an agile environment. This strengthens the network and cooperation. Be curious, have the drive to continue your education and take advantage of the continuing education opportunities that will help you and Baloise advance.

We are an area where people support each other. No one has to jump into cold water alone. This attitude should also be familiar to you. We live and seek openness, transparency and communication at eye level.

Your qualifications:

  • years of experience in software development
  • Interest in DevOps platforms
  • Good German
  • we work in an international environment, so English is an additional plus

Tatjana Janson (+41 58 285 9659), Nicole Rupp (+41 58 285 8511)

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