Consultant (Data Analyst) – Pollution-free Planet

  • United Nations
  • 1211 Geneva, Geneve, Switzerland
  • 26/07/2022
Full time Data Science Data Analytics Statistics DevOps

Job Description

Result of Service
The Consultant will contribute to the achievement of the following:
  • Support the EMG Consultative Process to prepare a UN system wide approach towards a pollution-free planet.
  • Support the Core Working Group on Plastic Pollution in proving an overview of how the UN system and stakeholders provide sustainable solutions to the challenge of plastic pollution.
Work Location


Expected duration

The Consultant will be expected to deliver agreed-upon outputs and services within a period of 5 months, from 1 August 2022 to 31 December 2022, during which the Consultant will perform 50 days of work.

Duties and Responsibilities

Pollution is one of the three major crises faced by our planet, together with climate change and biodiversity loss. The UN Environment Assembly (UNEA) placed pollution high on the global agenda with the adoption in 2019 of a global Implementation Plan Towards a Pollution Free Planet which places UN-wide partnerships as a critical component towards its delivery.
Achieving the Implementation Plan Towards a Pollution-Free Planet requires a system-wide, coordinated approach that can target the root causes and drivers of pollution and deliver deeper, broader impacts.
Against this background, the Senior Officials of the UN Environment Management Group decided at their 27th meeting in October 2021 to establish a Consultative Process to prepare a UN system-wide approach on a Pollution-Free Planet. A Core Working Group has been formed under the Consultative Process to unite efforts across the UN system on solutions for challenges posed by plastic pollution specifically.

The Core Working Group will produce the following outcomes and deliverables:

a) Joint messages for communication and advocacy to maximize the effectiveness of communication on plastic pollution
b) Strategic summary for the Secretary General including
i. An overview of how the UN system and stakeholders provide sustainable solutions to the challenge of plastic pollution
ii. A common offer to support an inclusive and just transition towards a plastic pollution-free planet
c) A set of targets and indicators on internal performance of entities to be developed in the context of the UN Sustainability Strategy 2020-2030
The EMG Secretariat seeks to engage a consultant to support the preparation of deliverable b) above.
Under the supervision of the EMG Secretariat Programme Management Officer, and with the guidance from the technical team in EMG and UNEP New York, the Consultant will undertake the following tasks:
1. Prepare a survey (preferably on Kobotoolbox) to collect information on how the UN system and stakeholders provide sustainable solutions to plastic pollution. This will include setting-up a live connection to the analysis tool, validating and testing the data, and providing updates on data collection as needed.
2. Set-up dashboards on PowerQuery, PowerBI, to showcase relevant insights from survey. This will include setting-up dashboards, clearing data, finalizing DAX and calculation metrics, and carrying out statistical analysis, correlation analysis and completing data visualization.
3. Finalize data analysis from survey, integrate insights in PowerPoint, PowerBi and live dashboards and present them when needed.
EMG and UNEP New York will provide assistance in shaping the survey, disseminating it, and providing guidance on data analysis and presentation. The consultant will provide access to the Kobotoolbox online survey tool and any costs that the consultant might incur in the process of production will be included in the consultancy budget.
All information pertaining to this survey as well as outputs produced under this contract shall remain the property of the UNEP who shall have exclusive rights over their use. Except for purposes of this assignment, the products shall not be disclosed to the public nor used in whatever format without written permission of UNEP.

Qualifications/special skills
Minimum 5 years of relevant work experience.
  • Experience with user survey tools, including advanced programming
  • Experience with SQL, Pivot Tables, Excel and other data querying and cleaning methods.
  • Experience with Microsoft Power BI or similar data analysis tools, designing dashboards.
  • Experience in data visualization.
  • Experience in business process mapping and management.
Academic Qualifications:
Master’s degree in computer science, information systems, Information Management or related discipline. Master’s degree is these disciplines is desirable.
Core Competencies:
  • Demonstrates sound judgment
  • Demonstrates and safeguards ethics and highest standards of integrity, discretion and loyalty
  • Acts as a team player while also taking individual initiative to complete outlined tasks
  • Attention to detail
  • Demonstrates ability to identify and solve problems
  • Commitment to excellence in producing quality work
Functional Competencies:
  • Experience and understanding of data quality principles
  • Excellent data management skills, including the ability to create, process and analyze survey documents
  • Excellent data analysis skills from basic descriptive to advanced data analysis
  • Proficiency in Kobotoolbox or other advanced survey tools
  • Proficiency in PowerBI or other data analytical tools such as Python, R etc.
  • Excellent knowledge of survey design and practice of analysis
  • Excellent attention to detail, monitors data quality and completeness
  • Ensures accuracy, clarity and validity of data and makes appropriate adjustments
  • Prepares datasets upon request; responds to queries/requests and maintains/updates survey and dashboard.
  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to work within established deadlines.
For this post, fluency in oral and written English is an absolute requirement.
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