Intern – Software Product Engineer

  • Cloudocracy
  • 2022 Bevaix, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
  • 11/04/2022
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Job Description

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At Cloudocracy we believe we are committed to making the Internet a safer place to work, learn, develop relationships, and enjoy. The emergence of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies has opened the possibility of restoring trust and security to the Internet in ways we could not have imagined before. We and our technical partners are working together to build and implement solutions in identity ecosystems, data security, supply chain management, payment ecosystems human resources management, health care and health research translation, and education.


As a Software Product Engineer Intern at Cloudocracy, you’ll have the opportunity to work on teams that are defining, developing and implementing these solutions for customers around the world in business and government, working with a diverse team of technical, business, and creative professionals. You will have the opportunity to make a real difference in the world while pursuing challenging and rewarding assignments and support your own higher education.

We’re in search of a Software Product Engineer Intern who’s a Swiss Army knife and jack of all trades, understanding the nuances of Lean Principles and Lean Thinking where the customer is the center of focus and the process of product development involves rapid agility and experimental and experiential software releases, A-B testing, and cohort testing to allow customers to participate to design something that’s in their needs.

We hope you will be highly interested and passionate about the potential for blockchain and distributed ledger technologies to transform our online lives. You would be especially well positioned if you have already have some experience or knowledge in our strongest focus areas – around CORDA smart contract platform network, payment systems like STRIPE, and/or Hyperledger Aries/Indy identity ecosystems.

You’ll need to be fluent in creating web and mobile apps that thrive on strong architecture, while supplementing with data-driven applications that optimize site functionality throughout the lifecycle of each project. As a Software Product Engineer Intern, you will also get to roll up your sleeves with CSS, JavaScript and HTML, mobile applications and/or work with internal and external development teams and know how to effectively create website foundations using back-end applications and database structures.

Software Product Engineer Responsibilities:

  • Concepting, creating and building web and mobile apps applied to innovative busines. Models alongside our graphic design team, including taking designer wireframes and magically turning them into effective code.
  • Working through the product UI/UX lifecycle to launch through Lean Principles and Lean Thinking standard operational playbooks.
  • Designing user-based interactions through effective front-end architecture.
  • Developing functional databases, applications and servers to support our websites on the back end.
  • Coding for various platforms to ensure functionality across multiple channels.
  • Leading and developing best practices for the Software Product development team.
  • Integrating RESTful services and APIs.

Software Product Engineer Requirements:

  • Third or fourth year student enrolled in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Entrepreneurship (preferred) from a U.S higher education institution, preferably Florida or VA-based.
  • Fluent in CSS, JavaScript and HTML, with an understanding of CSS
  • Strong knowledge of Linux, PHP and MySQL, with working understanding of MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Vue.js, AngularJS.
  • Experience in working with languages such as .NET, Python, C#, Rust, PHP or Ruby.
  • Experience working with server technologies including Apache, Node.js
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with a strong attention to detail and a head for problem solving.
  • Skilled at working in tandem with a team, or unsupervised as required.

Software Application Challenge: Required